23 May 2011

This week, museum professionals from around the world will be descending on our fair city of Edinburgh for the Museum Next conference, which is taking place on Thursday & Friday. Many of them are spending an extra few days to see the sights - including, of course, museums - and have been asking for recommendations of what not to miss. But these aren’t your average museum visitors, so it’s not just a question of pointing them towards the most popular tourist destinations.

So, people of Edinburgh (and anyone else familiar with our museum scene) - what museums would you recommend to the Museum Next delegates as unmissable?

Which museums have

  • nice collections?
  • good design?
  • new forms of presentation?
  • dazzling forms of audience participation?
  • public friendly presentation?
  • good hostmanship?

Join in the conversation on Twitter via the hashtag #EdinburghMuseums (thanks to @femkeh for some of the questions) or leave your comments here in response to this blog post. There’s some questions scheduled throughout today’s #MuseumMonday to get the conversation flowing, but you can join in with recommendations any time this week.

You can also help to generate the list of “Favourite Museums in Edinburgh” on www.listgeeks.com by adding your own suggestions.

So, help us to put the spotlight on #EdinburghMuseums this week!


Many thanks to Michael MacLeod (@Beatblogger Mike) for featuring this on the Guardian Local Edinburgh blog.

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